Corrugated Iron

Colorbond® | Zincalume | Galvanised
Wall Cladding & Roofing

Corrugated Iron is available in a wide range of colours and is suitable for roof and wall on contemporary homes.
The recommended minimum pitch for a Corrugated Iron roof it 5°.
Corrugated Iron is available in .42 and .48 thickness.


Cover – 762mm
Single Span – 700mm
End Span – 900mm
Internal Span – 1200mm
Fixings – 50mm Roof Zip


Cover – 762mm
Single Span – 1500mm
End Span – 1500mm
Internal Span – 1800mm
Steel Fixings – 10×16 Hex
Timber Fixings – 12×25 Hex


ROOF – Corrugated Iron sheets should be laid square to the gutter line and into the prevailing wind, with a side lap of 1.5 corrugations. Fiver fasteners at both ends of roof sheets. Roof sheets must be turned up at the apex and turned down at the gutter line.

WALL – Side lap fixing is recommended mid span when spans exceed 1200mm.

Colorbond® | Zincalume | Galvanised

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