NailStrip 25 & 38

.6 Colorbond® Range 
Classic Euro Panel Range Roof or Wall Cladding

Rib Height – 25mm | 38mm
Cover – 185mm | 255mm
Cover – 285mm | 345mm
Lengths – 1-4m
Minimum Pitch – 7.5° Roof (38mm ONLY)
Notching – 20mm Rib Cut Back
Stop Ends – Fold Up, Fold Down, Fold Hook


Substrate might be flat and rigid.
Battens are required between the structure and ply to create a ventilation gap.
Procter wrap is required between substrate and the NailStrip panel.

NAILSTRIP is available in two rib heights; 25mm and 38mm. Easily installed with screws require every 300mm along the perforated edge. The joining panel will snap over the low rib without any mechanical seam locking required.

NailStrip 35 NOT suitable for roofs.

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