Spandek / Multispan

Colorbond® | Zincalume | Galvanised
Wall Cladding & Roofing

The recommended minimum pitch for a Spandek roof is 3°.
Spandek is available in .42 and .48 thickness.


Cover – 700mm
Single Span – 1300mm
End Span – 1800mm
Internal Span – 2400mm
Fixings – 65mm Roof Zip


Cover – 700mm
Single Span – 2400mm
End Span – 2700mm
Internal Span – 3000mm
Steel Fixings – 10×16 Hex
Timber Fixings – 12×25 Hex


ROOF – Should be laid square to the gutter line and into the prevailing wind. The sheet is fastened every second rib. Sheets must be turned up at the apex and down at the gutter line. Side lap fastener is recommended mid span when span exceeds 1200mm.

WALL – Spandek is suitable for walls and has good spanning capabilities. Side lap fastener is recommended when the span exceeds 1200mm.

Colorbond® | Zincalume | Galvanised

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